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License No CISF 064/06 of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
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Basic facts about S.L. Capital Services Limited

S.L. Capital Services Limited is a financial company established in the Republic of Cyprus in 1996 primarily licensed by the Central Bank of Cyprus to provide financial services mainly to professional and experienced investors. In 2006 S.L. Capital Services Limited obtained a license of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission for provision of investment and non-core services.

S.L. Capital Services Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of the Russian Commercial Bank Aljba Alliance based in Moscow.

In November 2002 the Financial Group “Aljba Alliance & SOVLINK” was formed, merging Aljba Alliance, Sovlink LLC and S.L. Capital Services Ltd. into one legal entity. The activity of S.L. Capital Services Limited aims at widening the range of services offered to the existing clientele of the Group as well as attracting new customers.

S.L. Capital Services Limited is a company managed by professional and experienced personnel with profound network of client relationships and wide range of product capabilities; it develops financial solutions to meet the needs of our clients in dynamic industries and markets, to help clients optimize efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance revenue through a range of offered investment services: Investment Services and Non-Core Services

For over than 15 years of operating within financial market, S.L. Capital Services Limited has arranged a number of projects for attracting billions of US dollars into Russian economy; into chemical, oil production, banking, energy production and machinery construction industries in particular.

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